Why does my internet supplier need to drill at my property?

Why does my internet supplier need to drill at my property?

If a particular supplier’s infrastructure has not been set up at a property before they may need to drill an access hole through which they will run cable. If you are not the property owner you will need to confirm their permission for this before the installation can go ahead.

Openreach and Virgin Media

If you are in an area supplied by Virgin Media or the Openreach network, but no one at the address has used that particular service before, an installation will be needed. The supplier has service available to the cabinet in the street outside your property and needs to lay a cable from there into your address. This process typically involves laying cabling along or under your access path or driveway and drilling a small hole in an external wall of the property, then installing a small internal socket to connect a router. 


If you live in a property where Hyperoptic is available, they already have their cabling laid inside your building or to a nearby access point. They'll need to drill a small hole in an internal wall to the corridor in order to connect your home to this network. It usually takes 3-4 days from an order being placed for this installation to be completed, but it can be scheduled further in advance than this. You can read more about this installation process here.  

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