My water isn't working

My water isn't working

​Your water service should never be disconnected because of billing or registration issues. If you have no water supply, you should first contact your landlord or building management to check there is no maintenance being done at the property. Otherwise, you can contact your water supplier to report the fault and check if work is being done in your area.

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      Your property should only be disconnected from the gas supply used for hot water and heating in an emergency, but when a property is empty the gas supply is sometimes capped to prevent it from being wasted. If you have just moved in and have no gas ...
    • How am I charged for water?

      Your domestic water bill can be based on one of three values; your property’s rateable value, your assessed household charge or the readings from your water meter.   If you have a water meter fitted your bills will be initially based on an estimate ...
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      Water in buildings, particularly large apartment blocks, will sometimes be handled privately by the property management rather than by a public supplier. In this case, no registration should be necessary as this is the responsibility of the property ...
    • Why do I not have to register for water supply in Scotland?

      ​In Scotland, bills for water are included as part of your Council Tax payments and your water supply is managed by your local authority. 
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      Your electricity supply will only be stopped at your property if there is an emergency that requires it be disconnected, or a larger problem in your general area. If you do not have electricity at home, your first step should be to call 105. This is ...