How do Controlled Parking Zones or resident parking passes work?

How do Controlled Parking Zones or resident parking passes work?

This will depend on whether the parking bays are Council bays, managed by the local authority, or if they are managed by your building management. If they are council bays, you will be able to register for a resident's parking pass through your Council's website. To do so, you will need the details of your property and Council Tax registration including your unique property reference number. 

This is included as part of your Council Tax welcome letter which should arrive by post in the first four to six weeks of your residency. If you need to arrange for parking before this letter arrives, you should reach out to your local authority or council by phone. They will be able to tell the account holder the unique property reference over the phone, which can then be used to register for parking. 

One permit can be used for up to three vehicles that you own or use, and a separate visitor's permit is also available.

If your parking is private and handled by your building management then you will need to approach them directly to determine how they issue these permits and their conditions for use. 

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