How long does it take to set up internet at a new property?

How long does it take to set up internet at a new property?

Setting up a new internet connection can take as long as 4 weeks, or as little as an hour depending on the infrastructure in place and the supplier you opt for. We've given some estimated time frames below, but your Please Connect Me agent will be able to give you more accurate information during your call. 

Openreach Suppliers: Sky, BT, EE, Vodafone and more

If you have already had Openreach services of the speed you would like to use installed, these suppliers will typically require at least 5 working days to set up a new connection. This is to arrange for an engineer to come to the cabinet outside your property and connect you to the existing fibre network. 

If the network has not been used previously at the property, an engineer will need to come to the property to complete an installation. As this process is more involved and requires a specialist engineer there are fewer appointments available, and appointments typically book up two weeks in advance. 

Virgin Media

Virgin Media use two categories for properties on their network - 'Quick Start' and 'Installation Required'. Quickstart means that a previous occupant has installed Virgin Media's service and it can be activated remotely. In this case, the only delay will be waiting for your equipment to be delivered which typically takes 3-5 days but can be booked in advance of your move. 

If an installation is required, you will need to book an appointment with the Virgin media engineering team. These slots are usually available with two weeks' notice, although at busy times you may wait longer for a slot. 


If Hyperoptic has previously been installed at your property then they will be able to activate your service remotely. Once you have arrived at your new property, just reach out to the Hyperoptic team using your new account details and they will activate your internet connection. 

If Hyperoptic has not been installed yet then the activation time will depend on engineer availability, but appointments are usually available with 3-5 days notice. You will need to secure the permission of the property owner before any installation can be carried out. 

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