How am I charged for water?

How am I charged for water?

Your domestic water bill can be based on one of three values; your property’s rateable value, your assessed household charge or the readings from your water meter.


If you have a water meter fitted your bills will be initially based on an estimate of your usage, and then adjusted each time your water supplier checks your meter. If your bill is higher than you would expect based on hbow much water you use,  you should contact your supplier to come and take a meter reading, they will then be able to adjust your bills to reflect your actual usage.


If your bill is based on your rateable value, your water bill is based on the value, size and location of your property. This can result in the highest monthly charges, so if this is the case you may want to contact your landlord to ask permission to have a water meter fitted. If you do not get permission, or this is impossible, your water supplier will move you to their assessed household charges. This will base your bills on the number of occupants of a property and can be better value, especially as there is a special discounted rate for single occupant properties. 

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