Do Virgin Media offer TV only packages?

Do Virgin Media offer TV only packages?

No, Virgin Media only offer TV services to customers who also take broadband from them as they provide TV through their broadband infrastructure. If you would like a cable TV package with no internet we would recommend Sky as they offer standalone TV packages to customers who use a different supplier for their broadband. 

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    • What TV channels can I get through Virgin Media?

      Which channels you can receive to your Virgin Media will depend on the package you have opted for. You can view a full list of each channel and which packages they are included with here. 
    • Do Virgin Media install a satellite dish for TV?

      No, Virgin Media's TV box connects directly to your router via a cable and all of your TV channels are streamed over your internet connection. 
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      You need a TV licence to watch any live broadcast TV in the UK. This means programmes that are being aired live, whether you are watching them on a TV set or online, but not pre-recorded content. The only exception is BBC iPlayer, which requires a TV ...
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      The channels you receive to your Sky box will depend on which packages you are subscribed to, and Sky also regularly update their service to add new channels or combine services together. You can see our latest guide to Sky TV channels and which ...
    • What happens if I end my broadband or TV contract early?

      If you end your contract before the minimum term agreed to then you will be required to pay an exit fee based on the number of months remaining. This fee can vary slightly as it is based on the ongoing costs incurred by the provider, but is usually ...